What`s everyone up to??

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Richard B.
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What`s everyone up to??

Post by Richard B. »

So far in February I`ve done 69 infantry and gunners, a Conus gun and a French water-tower

So I`ve decided to take a break from anything French to keep things fresh :D

Over the weekend I prepped, based and cleaned 23 Tumbling Dice Arab regulars (17 riflemen & 3 Lewis teams), which will become a company of the Trans-Jordanian Frontier Force.
To these I added out of the spares box - a British officer, a British rifleman (as an NCO), an SAS trooper with shemagh headdress (again as an NCO). Whilst rummaging in the spares box I came across an SAS driver with Shemagh, so as I happened to have an un-built Ford G8, I`ve built it as a patrol truck, I`ll use one of the Moving Lewis gunners from the TD Arabs as the vehicles mounted LMG (crude but does the job) :D

I`ve ordered a command pack off TD and a couple of packs of Mediterranean British off SHQ to round out the company orbat

I`ve also decided to build a single Indian rifle company - mostly TD with SHQ command and Bren teams - all ordered yesterday :D

What are you lot up too??
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Re: What`s everyone up to??

Post by ianrs54 »

Well I seem to have lost my 20mm NWE Brits so I'm working on replacing them.

1 Box Italieri - with Thompsons
1 Box PSC - no support weapons
3 2" and 2 3" Mtr from Grubby - still on order.

Also some 15mm Brits from QRF, and 8th Army from Peter Pig.

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