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Re: Journal 96

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You are correct it has been confusing but my take on this has been:

The volunteer writers slowed then stopped writing (and editorial group - again volunteers - warned this would mean ceasing publication).

The voluntary editors bar Russell stepped down, and nobody has yet volunteered to act as editor (assuming this would lead to new submissions to kick start Journal).

So the Journal part of the SoTCW (not the Sotcw itself) has wound down.

The truth would seem to be that over the years a few writers have maintained the submissions much aided by editors (who themselves have written) to help provide a Journal.

It only takes the writers to submit to create a stock of material to edit to restart it all. (Whether in electronic or paoper format.) BIG IFS of course.
But not impractical just improbable currently.

CarlL (another newbie on the Sotcw bloc in comparison to the years Sotcw has survived... purposefully or not has been much debated....)
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Re: Journal 96

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TWR wrote: 07 Mar 2019, 04:34 Hi,

I am a relatively recent member and I am unaware of some of the history. I apologise if I have misunderstood something.

Since joining the last few journals seemed to indicate the society was closing down. At least that was my interpretation of the last couple of editorials. In the thread under Journal 95 it seemed the editor had retired. Given this and no information on future issues, excepting this thread, I assumed the SOTCW was effectively gone.

I completely understand that the Journal is a work of great effort by a few, and equally reliant on the members for material. It probably has drawn too heavily on a few members for this as well.

However, I for one am very confused if there is an attempt to recover things, a last gasp or something else. In effect I am hearing mixed messages and I for one am very confused. For people to be inspired to write something I suggest clearer communication on the intent would I suspect be useful.

I may have it all wrong of course...

Kind regards,
Hi TWR This is why I put my original post on, and suggested we try to reboot the Society if not the Journal ,could we perhaps have a collective discussion how to go forward ,agree that ,and then get in touch with listed members on the new proposals. Try to regenerate the forum ,I think that there may be members that have associated the would be end of the Journal with the end of the forum and have stopped posting accordingly , its just an idea. cheers John
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Re: Journal 96

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I suspect I (and others) have been guilty of assuming everyone knew the same history that we did.

For the last while, there's been the possibility that the society would cease to exist, but we've been hoping to avoid that. In the past, the society has been largely defined by the Journal.

We currently have enough money to pay for a final Journal to be printed and posted, with some left over to cover hosting for a few years. This thread was an attempt to see if we could get enough content to put a Journal together. It seems that we can't, so I'll use the money to pay for hosting etc.

On the Facebook group, Richard Baber suggested that it might be better to allow people to post articles on the website rather than collating them into Journals. That's entirely feasible, and something I'd be happy to implement if there's interest.
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Re: Journal 96

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What about access to 50 articles behind a firewall for £10 subscription; when 50 have been published subscribers are invited to renew for the next 50? Or some such equivalent. Rather like WWII convoys you get: JA01 to JA50 [Journal Article]; then the next group would be JA51 to JA100. However, there is no time pressure as articles arrive periodically as authors are able to complete them.

Behind the firewall, there might be a members only section. This forum is open to the general public but it does not seem to be attracting many extra people and I note that material posted here often appears on aggregator websites as well. It does not seem as if an inexpensive subscription firewall would drive many away.
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