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by Gary
05 Feb 2018, 20:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What`s everyone up too?
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Just assembled my first vehicle for the Rag Tag Circus, an ersatz Opel Blitz along with a wrecked truck from odds n sods......Several Matchbox diecasts including a limousine and an MRAP patrol vehicle have been prepped for undercoating. Dug out an old Me 109F to be assembled.....I have an Antonov 2 ...
by Gary
03 Feb 2018, 17:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Spaniards in WW11 Reds and Blues
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Re: Spaniards in WW11 Reds and Blues

There are two episodes, one for the West,-FFI ( alleges that the bulk of the early resistance in southern France was actually Spanish Republican, joined first by French communists and later the FFI) and Leclercs division and the Reds n Blues.... It's unfortunate that it won't play for you in the UK,...
by Gary
03 Feb 2018, 10:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Spaniards in WW11 Reds and Blues
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Spaniards in WW11 Reds and Blues

I have just finished watching this documentary, it covers Spanish participation in France and on the Eastern Front- on both sides, Division Azul and Republicans in the Soviet forces. Veteran testimony and battlefield 'now & then' scenes, fascinating and well worth a watch it you have time. http://ww...
by Gary
02 Feb 2018, 11:57
Forum: Eye Candy and Modelling Tips
Topic: Reused enemy equipment
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Re: Reused enemy equipment

Now I have the urge to create a Rag-tag Circus group for my late war Americans.....Kubels and Sdkfz 251's in olive drab .....and maybe a Tiger 1 (it's a beautiful tank!)..and I'll get to use some white stars!
by Gary
30 Jan 2018, 07:36
Forum: New Figure/Model Releases, Sales, Bargains
Topic: Aari Kommandobunker.
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Re: Aari Kommandobunker.

An old gaming buddy had one of these, it doubled as a VC bunker, Eastern front strongpoint, Normandy bunker and a Jap fortress!
I've always coveted it........maybe I'll build one!
by Gary
27 Jan 2018, 09:20
Forum: New Figure/Model Releases, Sales, Bargains
Topic: Heller 2018 Catalogue
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Re: Heller 2018 Catalogue

Likewise with the AMX-13 , VAB and the planes for Africa, Tunnan and Trojan.
Several early war French planes too ....... :D
by Gary
08 Jan 2018, 14:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Markers and blinds
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Re: Markers and blinds

I have only used playing cards for blinds/unit markers.......but I do like those 'grey ghost' markers......I'll be using different scale figures too........15mm with my 20mm games to avoid complete confusion.....(or at least try!)
by Gary
30 Dec 2017, 09:15
Forum: World War 2
Topic: Rules that suit 10mm
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Re: Rules that suit 10mm

Rapid Fire would work in 10mm.......use stands of figures to represent squads rather than individual larger scale figures......similar for afv's too.