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by Fire-at-Will
08 Feb 2020, 07:35
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Topic: 2D Trees colouring help needed
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Re: 2D Trees colouring help needed

by Fire-at-Will
04 Feb 2020, 19:59
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Topic: Continental Modeller - Feb 2020
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Continental Modeller - Feb 2020

I had a quick flick through this railway magazine in WHS and decided to buy it as it had a number of items of interest, they were BR52 Kreigslokomotive - information of the major class of German railway engines in WW2 Bridge at Remagen - a working 1:160 layout of the bridge and surroundings, set in ...
by Fire-at-Will
04 Feb 2020, 08:21
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Topic: Carl Luxford...missing in action!!
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Re: Carl Luxford...missing in action!!

Pass on my best wishes as well

by Fire-at-Will
18 Jan 2020, 06:55
Forum: Eye Candy and Modelling Tips
Topic: Porters for WW1 East Africa
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Re: Porters for WW1 East Africa

Nice to see them en masse
by Fire-at-Will
26 Dec 2019, 16:15
Forum: Eye Candy and Modelling Tips
Topic: Winter Pak 40
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Winter Pak 40

Some old Matchbox or Airfix Pak 40s with PSC crews. The PSC figures are quite bulky so they look like they are wearing parkas all I added was a hood from greenstuff. https://2...
by Fire-at-Will
23 Dec 2019, 06:59
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Topic: Merry Christmas all
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Re: Merry Christmas all

Merry Christmas, one and all, keep up the good work in the new year

by Fire-at-Will
10 Dec 2019, 06:52
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Topic: Santa
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Re: Santa

What is the largest vessel that can be realistically used in Cruel Seas Will. Looked at the Black Seas game , you could end up spending a serious amount of boodle on that game ,aesthetics look good all the same. I have seen games with destroyers, but that's over the top in my opinion. My largest wi...